Security of our Customers

  We understand that some customers are very skeptical with online shipment of drugs powder and Liquid L-S-D , Heroin , crystal Meth , Pure cocaine , Special K , Fentanyl and others . Hence , we have made it possible for our client to choose from which of our distributors we can ship from to make it easier . We have resellers from various countries .

  • French Guiana
  • (France), Guyana,
  • Paraguay,
  • Peru,
  • Suriname,
  • London – distributing to the entire UK
  • Toronto – Distributing to Canada
  • Melbourne Australia – Distributing to Australia
  • Maryland and Texas – Distributing to the USA
  • Tijuana – Distributing to
  • Argentina,
  • Bolivia,
  • Chile,
  • Colombia,
  • Ecuador,
  • Falkland Islands (United Kingdom),
  • Uruguay
  • Venezuela
  • Rio de Janeiro –
  • Distributing to Brazil
  • Praha Prague (Czech Republic) –
  • Distributing within Schengen countries
  • Kyiv Ukraine – Distributing within Non Schengen countries
  • China – Distributing within the 49 Asian countries .

Our distributors are constant and trusted buyers that have their means to bypass custom checks . So we make it easy to ship to them in bulk and in return they sell within their areas .

Shipping within your location from our distributors takes less time . Shipping takes a maximum period of 6 days from each of our distributors .


After you receive a mail from us stating “order completed” a distributor will be assigned to proceed with your order depending on your country :

US & Canada            : 3 – 7  days
schengen countries     : 3 – 5  days
Non schengen countries : 6 – 14 Days
Asia & Australia       : 5 – 15 Days
South America          : 3 – 14 Days

Delivery to our local sellers is made within every 2 months by sea freight which has less risk than mail or airfreight shipment of drugs . Hence , we don’t usually get such problems of packages not received except a wrong address was provided or the distributor within you are is out of stock for the moment but If your package is late, and already passed the normal delivery period , you shall be reship , refunded or requested to be patient for the next stock to arrive .

On the checkout page, you will see shipping charges based on your country, city, zip but We offer free delivery for any order above 1000USD from any of our distributors .

Products come in stealth packaging for higher privacy.

We don’t accept direct links with our distributors . Hence , each delivery is coming with tracking .

Depends on our distributors

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.