What is the most important thing to know about online purchase of research chemicals’ you can find at FAQ and I can answer you briefly here in FAQ. We are often come across with questions, for example: ‘I can order a sample to begin with?’, ‘Does it matter if I purchase online from China?’, ‘How can I pay for my order?’, ‘How much time will take delivery?’, ‘What kind of guarantee do I get?’ etc. We decided to write to the FAQ to clear up all the moments we suppose this important when choosing and buying research chemicals online. And we are hope what FAQ you will find useful as well.

No problem, we offer a sample package made of 5-7 products 10g each with total cost $300. Shipping free.

You can pay using WU, MG, Bitcoin. Possible other payment method, talk to the manager.

No, we do not sell illegal products and certainly not send them to you. Even if you can find on our website a prohibited product, you can not to buy it. Our manager will explain to you that the page with this product is not removed due to SEO. Pages with such products are intended only for traffic.

U.S. delivery time of 4-7 days, 4-6 days in Europe. The reasons for the delay may serve as national holidays or bad weather conditions.

With us securely! – re-shipment guarantees in the case of low-quality product or some delivery issues. We commit ourselves to send you 100% quality product at his own expense. If any of your dissatisfaction related to the product quality is guaranteed, we will correct the situation.

Yes, this is the best guarantee. Allow me to explain. First thing order will be processed by us as a priority. This will ensure the most prompt and efficient execution of the package. Second, such as loss of parcel delivery service or by sending the withdrawal of the customs service. Or other uncontrollable reasons can not change the fact the reunification of the client with the order.

Insurance costs 10% of the total order. Payment is made with a total payment under the order.

It all depends on the region. We have experience and we are happy to share the best solutions for the delivery of large orders.

Previously, we described in detail and showed photos of similar parcels on the site. But it is wrong, if you’re interested, the manager will provide information for you.

Yes, we are working with several people. THIS IS EXPERIMENTAL cooperation, but some of the products they can send you.

Yes, we are always looking for cooperation. Please contact the manager to discuss possible terms.