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4-Fluoromethamphetamine (4-FMA) is a stimulant drug related to methamphetamine and 4-fluoroamphetamine. It has been reported to be sold as a designer drug, but little is known about its pharmacology or toxicology. Anecdotal user reports however mention a high risk of physical dependence and serious withdrawal symptoms, such as fever and a tendency for dissociation, which last about a week.



—- What is 4-fea ? —

buy 4-fea online . 4 Fluoromethamphetamine (also known as 4FMA) is a new, less recognized stimulant-actogenic substance of the amphetamine class.4FMA is chemically associated with 4FA and methamphetamine. Little is understood approximately its pharmacology, however it in all likelihood produces its outcomes via way of means of growing tiers of dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin withinside the mind.

4-FMA changed into first detected being offered in Japan as a felony excessive in 2006.It has been offered online as a chemical for studies alongside 2fluoroamphetamine (2FA), 3fluoroamphetamine (3FA), and 4fluoroamphetamine (4FA).

buy 4-fea online . When 4FA became illegal in the Netherlands in 2017, 4FMA gained a reputation as a crime surrogate, due to their comparable names and findings. In 2018, the range of analysed 4-FA samples an increasing number of contained The actual intake of 4FMA (and/or several fluorinated amphetamines) and 4FA was significantly reduced .

buy 4-fea online . User reviews describe 4FMA results as being characterized by the characteristics of each conventional stimulant such as amphetamine and entactogens such as MDMA. His results were subjectively defined as lying among the effects of 4FMA.It has been stated to be much more likely to provide multi-faceted results such as complications and cardiovascular outcomes than comparable substances. Very little is known about the pharmacological properties, metabolism and toxicity of 4FMA.

The use of 4FMA can also produce addiction and abuse as well as damage to the mind and various organs. It is quite prudent to apply harm discounting practices if you use this substance.

4-Fluoroethamphetamine (hydrochloride) (4-FEA, p-Fluoroethamphetamine,  para-Fluoroethamphetamine, 4-fluoro-N-ethyl Amphetamine, CAS Number:  3823-31-2) | Cayman Chemical


— Pharmacology of 4-fea — buy 4-fea online

buy 4-fea online . Similar to its structural analogue 4-FA, 4-Fluoromethamphetamine is concept to behave as a liberating agent and reuptake inhibitor of dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine, generating stimulating amphetamine-like results at decrease doses and greater euphoric, entactogen results just like MDA at dosages above 125mg.

Researchers have discovered a few proof that shows a few similarities among the “Serotonin release” from 4FMA and several famous empathogens such as: MDA, 4methylmetcatinone and 4fluoroamphetamine.

buy 4-fea online . The mechanism of movement of 4-FMA efficaciously boosts the tiers of the norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin neurotransmitters in better doses withinside the mind through binding to and partly blocking off the transporter proteins that usually clean those monoamines from the synaptic cleft. This allows dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin to build up in many areas of the mind, which include its praise pathways, ensuing in stimulating, euphoric and entactogenic results.

— Chemistry 4-fea —

buy 4-fea online . is a CYP450 inhibitor. It reduces the metabolism of methamphetamine, which has the effect of increasing its potency, its duration and its systemic toxicity, while decreasing its cellular toxicity.

4fluoromethamphetamine (4FMA) is an artificial molecule of the family of substituted amphetamines. Molecules of this elegance incorporate a phenethylamine middle offering a phenyl ring sure to an amino (NH2) institution via an ethyl chain with another methyl substitution at Rα.

The term “amphetamine” is the small form of alpha amethylphenethylamine.4Fluoromethamphetamine includes a fluorine atom at R4 of its phenyl ring and is therefore a fluorinated analogue of methamphetamine.

—Subjective outcomes to 4-fea —

buy 4-fea online . In low doses, 4-FMA has been suggested to be a lackluster nootropic for popular productivity. Such utilization could be strongly discouraged however, because of the expanded dangers for neurotoxicity and different risky facet-outcomes.The reasoning for this warning is primarily based on research showing that 4FMA is very similar to MDA and belongs to the class of entactogens.

Regular use of any entactogen is considered risky and unwise to take “microdoses” beneath the minimal dose required to revel in a “roll” with individuals of the entactogen class. At better doses, its miles are known to become dysfunctional and recreational due to its excellent dispersal of euphoria and stimulation.

outcomes of 4-FMA, and different materials that produce wonderful fulfilling tactile “roll”-like sensations, that’s usually related to serotonin-liberating properties, 4-FMA has been suggested a good way to produce comparable entactogenic outcomes further to conventional stimulant ones. Some reviews recommend it has a tendency to include greater facet outcomes and physical pressure compared to several fluorinated amphetamines, explaining the loss of notoriety and availability.

— Disclaimer of 4-fea —

buy 4-fea online . The outcomes indexed beneath to shop for 4-fea on line is the Subjective Effect Index (SEI), a studies literature primarily based totally on anecdotal reviews and the non-public reviews of Psychonaut Wiki contributors. Therefore, they should be viewed with a healthy degree of skepticism.

It is really well worth noting that those outcomes will now no longer always arise in a predictable or dependable manner, even though better doses are greater at risk of result in the entire spectrum of outcomes. Likewise, destructive results become more likely with better doses and can consist of addiction, serious injury, or death.

— Is it safe to Buy 4-fea online? —

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