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SGT151 or CUMYLPeGaCLONE are the short names for 5pentyl2(1methyl1phenylethyl)2,5dihydropyrido. indol-1-one, that is one of the new era of novel artificial cannabinoids, this is out of control at found in maximum of the EU to be used in laboratory research.



— What is 5F-SGT-15 /SGT-151 —

sgt-151 / Buy sgt-151 . 5F-PINACA (additionally referred to as AMB-4177) is a artificial cannabinoid that works as a mighty complete agonist of the CB1 receptor with mild to excessive affinity for the CB2 receptor. What is 5F-BP-OH? 5F-BP-OH (5F-BP-OH, FTM-2183) is a artificial cannabinoid that has a excessive binding affinity for CB2 receptors. It has in no way been studied for scientific use, however 5F-BP-OH is a mighty agonist at each the CB1 and CB2 receptors.

Formal name: 2,5-dihydro-2-(1-methyl-1-phenylethyl)-
5-pentyl-1H-pyrido indol-1-one
Synonyms: SGT-151
CAS number: 2160555-55-3
Molecular formula: C25H28N2O
Formula weight: 372.5

CUMYL-PeGACLONE (SGT-151, CAS Number: 2160555-55-3)

— 5F-SGT-15 /SGT-151dosage — sgt-151 / Buy sgt-151

sgt-151 / Buy sgt-151 . We have used diverse dosages of 5F-SGT-151, with 20 mg/ml being the maximum most well known dosage. This is satisfactorily excessive sufficient to get a wonderful impact. As indicated withinside the pointers of this item, it could likewise be used at decrease dosages. Our encouraged dosages may also likewise be anticipated to replacement different 5F-SGT-151s. SGT151 Synthetic Cannabinoids

The secure dosage that may be seemed as starting up with is 10 mg. This will be the equal of 1 whole capsule. 5F-SGT-151 Potency 5F-SGT-151 is a artificial cannabinoid that has been advertised for a while as a clothier drug. This studies examine evaluated the efficiency of 5F-SGT-151 in evaluation to the reference compound, MIPAM. 5F-SGT-151 Crystal

— 5F-SGT-15 /SGT-151 Side Effects —

sgt-151 / Buy sgt-151 . 5F-SGT-151 is an enormously effective artificial cannabinoid. The normal reasons of 5F-SGT-151 prevalence as a facet impact are nervousness, pallor, dizziness, multiplied blood pressure, nausea, dizziness, frothy sensation, vomiting, constipation, retrograde excitation, and dry mouth. Other than those regular reasons, 5F-SGT-151 has been related to despair and schizophrenia in a few case studies. sgt-151 for sale

— Is 5F-SGT-15 /SGT-151 legal ? —

sgt-151 / Buy sgt-151 . SGT-151 is a artificial cannabinoid first recognized in 2007 in Germany. On the off risk which you are unaware, the World Health Organization certain marijuana as a ‘Class A’ drug in 1996. Subsequently, the energetic substance at the back of marijuana, 9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), has for the reason that long past directly to be recognized in lots of different drugs, a number of which may be known as cannabinoids. 5F-SGT-151 Powder

*Canada: Schedule II
*Denmark: Anlage II (Authorized alternate only, now no longer prescriptible)
*United Kingdom: Under Psychoactive Substances Act
*Sweden : Sweden’s public fitness corporation categorized CUMYL-PEGACLONE as a narcotic substance .

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PLEASE NOTE: sgt-151 / Buy sgt-151 compound has a very excessive in-vitro affinity for the CB1 receptor, even better than 5F-ADB. Please make certain laboratory protection strategies are followed, and respirator mask and gloves are used whilst handling. 5F-SGT-151 Poudre

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